Abstract Details

1. All the names and surnames of authors should be included and the author’s name and surname responsible for the presentation should be

    given in bold characters and underlined.
2. The institutional details (name, address) of all authors should be included (for example; xxxx University, xxxx Faculty of Medicine,

    xxxx Department, City).
3. In the abstract title, the initial letters should be capital (abbreviations are exceptional).
4. The abstract should include aim, methods, results and conclusion sub-titles.
5. Any abbreviation used in the abstract should be given as the exact expansion in parentheses.
6. In the abstract, the aim and methods should be briefly summarized, the results should be expressed with sufficient numeric details and

    the conclusion should be explained in accordance with data given in the results.
7. The whole abstract should be maximum 400 words in length, excluding the title, authors’ names and surnames. At least 3 keywords should be included.
8. Presentation preferences as oral presentation/poster presentation should be included in bold characters and underlined.

9. Duration of each Oral Presentation is 15 minutes. Poster Presentations will be presented in sessions with a duration of 5 minutes and

    be limited maximum 5 slides. Posters will also be hanged. 
10. Abstracts should be prepared with Microsoft Word Programme, using “Times New Roman” character, 10 fonts and 1.5 line spaces. 

Evaluation Process of Abstracts: 

The evaluation will be performed by the Abstract Evaluation Committee in a blind process. For the abstracts to be evaluated, at least one of the authors should be registered. Scientific Committee holds the right to accept the presentations as either oral or poster. The results of the evaluation process will be announced to the authors, it is essential for the authors to prefer the presentation type carefully. 


Posters must be in a width of 70 cm and height of 90 cm. They should be prepared in such a way to allow reading from at least 1 m distance 

Congress Language: 

Official languages of the congress are Turkish and English. 

Abstract Submission: 

The deadline for abstract submission is September 14, 2018 at 24:00 

Invitation Letter: 

All the registered participants will have an opportunity to receive an invitation letter. The letter is only for permission purposes. 

Congress Registration: 

The deadline for congress registration is October 05, 2018, at 17:00 

Certificate of Acceptance: 

The deadline for sending a certificate of acceptance for accepted papers on September 29, 2018. 



The deadline for Registration is October 05, 2018 at 17:00.

Abstract Submission: 

Abstracts should be sent to bildiri@biyoistatistikkongresi.org