Invited Speakers



Bob DAVIDSON (Principal Software Architect at Microsoft Research)

Title:  Power the Democratization of Medical Data Analysis with the Cloud

Cloud computing is ideal for computational work in medical data analysis, because it takes a lot computing power, requires a lot of data storage and requests can come in fits and bursts. For most hospitals, research labs and other biological sciences facilities it would be too expensive to invest in the necessary computing capability, and impractical to take on the job of hosting all that data on their own, if only because the sheer volume of data is growing exponentially. Instead of managing your own datacenters, take advantage of cloud’s scale and experience in running exabyte-scale workloads. You have the performance and scalability of a world-class supercomputing center, on demand in the cloud. Take advantage of a backend network with MPI latency under three microseconds and non-blocking 32 gigabits per second (Gbps) throughput. This backend network includes remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology that enables parallel applications to scale to thousands of cores. Cloud (Azure) provides you with high memory and HPC-class CPUs to help you get results fast. Scale up and down based upon what you need and pay only for what you use to reduce costs. He will share his cloud engineering experience us in this talk.


Bob Davidson is currently a Software Architect at Microsoft with the Genomics team in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence & Research.  He has worked at Microsoft for more than 29 years with positions in Research and product development.  Bob has been working in the area of genomics for the last 8 years.  He is also one of the co-developers of Microsoft Genomics service, which offers a cloud implementation of the Burrows-Wheeler Aligner (BWA) and the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) for secondary analysis. The service is ISO-certified and compliant with HIPAA regulations, and offers price predictability for your genome sequencing needs. In previous lives, Bob rode motorcycles through Europe, sailed square rigged ships, flew small planes, and scuba dove in caves, on wrecks, and under the ice.